Impressive Rules Of Choosing An Engagement Ring For An Everlasting Memory

Congratulations! You just have stepped into a new and the most beautiful journey of your life. Getting engaged is the best ever feeling in the world, where you get attracted to the nervousness, shyness, and excitement for being a part of someone else’s life. To give it a memorable start, the selection of a diamond engagement ring needs to be very particular. Being an overwhelming task, it is pleasing as well. With so many options of exclusive designs, patterns and styles, the job of choosing the best out of diamond engagement rings are genuinely tricky.

For many individuals, moving into a jewelry shop is more likely entering a maze. However, there are numerous things that are required to be considered before waving goodbye to your at least one month’s salary. An engagement ring or a wedding ring is the eternal symbol of the most important relationship of your life. To help you kick off your search, here we have rounded up with few simple steps to pick up an ideal ring for your better half. Following the tips will surely help to avoid the pitfalls.

Determining The Budget: To get enough bling for your buck and a ring she can’t say no to, it is really important to know how much you can spend. These days, you can easily explore a couple of engagements rings & wedding rings in your budget without digging a hole in your pockets. Buying a ring that fits your financial circumstances is always a smart decision.

Shopping With A Reputed Jeweler: When looking for the best jeweler, you need to find a reputable jewelry shop that has valid certifications and credentials. Also, check online reviews and rating of their services to get a clear idea of the jeweler.

Looking for a Perfect Style: Before deciding on the best engagement ring, you need to pay focus on the style of your partner. Find out his/her fashion sense and then make up a decision.

Know A Brief About The 4 C’s: Diamonds are graded according to the 4 C’s i.e. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Each C is important and offering a balance between them will serve you with the best ever option.

Shape Of The Diamond: While exploring the wedding rings, you will come across different shapes of diamonds that will surely confuse you. Round cuts, prince’s cuts, cushion cuts, oval, assher, emerald cuts and more, that are perfect and beautiful on their own.

Gold or Platinum: Depending on your partner’s choice and your taste, you can either go for a platinum base or gold. As platinum is much harder than gold, it holds the diamond for longer without wearing.

Adding A Personal Touch: Including your ancestor’s stone will add more value and sentiments to the ring. Even, you can engrave your name’s first letter as well as your partner’s to add a perfect blend of your love and concern for him/her.

Online Shopping: Going with the online purchase will land you with the best decision while offering you sufficient time to utilize in other events. There are hundreds and thousands of online stores offering the best of both worlds to find incredible diamond engagement rings at competitive prices. Following the step-by-step guide, you can make an effective and affordable purchase.

The aforementioned steps help you pick out the suitable ring that your partner will love to adore for a lifetime.

Emotions That Keep People Stuck: Grief

As a society we do everything possible to avoid feeling painful emotions: we ignore, push away, numb, deflect, project, anything to avoid the pain. But what happens when emotions don’t get processed? They can get trapped in the body and manifest as a physical pain or illness, they can fuel dis-empowering habits such as emotional over-eating or smoking, or they can keep the nervous system stuck in ongoing problems such as insomnia, anxiety, or depression. One common emotion that can get trapped in the body is grief.


While anger is red hot, fiery, powerful and protective, grief is heavy, wet, and oh so painful. It can feel like an arrow in your heart. Whenever you lose something important in your life, it is natural to suffer grief. You may feel sad, devastated, lonely, lost, empty, weak, helpless, depressed, or even suicidal. All of these are faces of grief.

While grief is most strongly associated with the loss of a loved one, there are many other possibilities for loss. It can be helpful to acknowledge specifically what you are grieving. For example, at the end of a relationship, you might not just be grieving the loss of the person in your life, but the loss of your home, your future plans, your financial security, your status as a couple or family, or time with your kids. In the case of a job it might not just be your livelihood but your purpose, your work community, your status, etc. The individual losses may be big or small, but it helps to name them.

While you may have been taught somewhere along the way that crying is a sign of weakness, it is the body’s natural way of releasing grief. Often in my practice, clients quickly become in touch with sadness and tears spontaneously flow. Many are surprised and some are at first embarrassed, especially men who have been given the message that real men don’t cry. After a good cry, however, most everyone experiences a tremendous sense of relief and is surprised at how much the tears help.

While anger likes powerful, strong fiery movement, water is grief’s natural healer. If tears do not come, water can still be used to soothe sadness. Here are some ideas:

1) Soak in a warm bath, Jacuzzi, or float tank

2) Rest a warm water bottle over your heart or wherever the sadness feels stuck.

3) Drink lots and lots of water to hydrate your body and allow the sadness to flow through.

When you are grieving a loss and saying good-bye, it is also good to find healthy closure. Here are some ideas:

1) Write a good-bye letter to all that you have lost: your love, your home, your livelihood, your community, your future plans, etc.

2) Create an altar and/or light a candle to honor who/what you have lost

3) If you are on decent terms with someone you are separating from, create a ceremony of closure. My ex-husband and I had a ceremony where we returned our wedding rings to each other and put them in little boxes I had bought for the purpose. It was not the joyful occasion of our wedding, but it brought a peaceful sense of closure to our marriage.

While on the other side of anger is passion, joy, enthusiasm and a zest for life, on the other side of grief is connection, compassion, and peace. As we connect with and move through our grief, we learn to embrace our vulnerability, which opens us up to experience life more fully. Deeply processing painful feelings can be uncomfortable, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

I Love What I Do

I love my work. It warms my heart and gives me pleasure. I have a sense of joy and freedom that fills me up each day. I love what I do and I love coaching others day in and day out. I am The Potentiator, and my focus is helping men and women to expand their confidence and self-esteem and create the life of their dreams. By going beyond their potential. There are so many great coaches in NY and it’s important to find the right one for you. I believe in the beauty of utilizing coaching techniques to inspire healing. Having the right coach and having the right clients for me is important.

One of the clients I’ve worked with is Alexis K. When I met Alexis, she had a great relationship with her family, and she had a job she hated, a terrible relationship with her boss, she was dating someone who didn’t value her time or attention. Alexis learned about me from a friend of hers that I sat next to at a wedding. She had witnessed her friend’s transformation after talking with me, was intrigued and made the decision to call me two years later.

Alexis invested in the quality of her life. She made the decision to hire me and we’ve been working together for 5+ years. She has an MBA, she is smart, a quick learner, and extremely professional. Today, she has a great relationship with her family, a great job/career, an awesome boss and a life she loves with an amazing boyfriend who she loves and now has the money and time to take a at least 3 vacations a year.

Where she was: She had a career in finance and she was over it. She had tried to leave it many times with no success. Like a homing pigeon, she always found her way back to finance. She wanted a new career and she had no idea what her next career move would be.

Her roadblocks: She was in a huge amount of debt; she had a lot of shame, worry, and was stuck not knowing what to do. Like many who have been in careers a long time, she was afraid and stress was causing her a lot of suffering. Bankruptcy or staying put in finance seemed like her only choices.

What she wanted: Happiness, balance, a great salary, the ability to use all of her skills to provide excellent customer service to her clients, growth and expansion of her life, being appreciated, and on a steady promotional track. Opportunities to travel. To work at a company where she could feel proud to invest her time. A relationship with a man that saw and appreciated her for all that she is and was.

What coaching (and accountability) did for her: Fast forward 5 years later. Alexis handled all her debt. Together, we created an awesome career at a company she is proud to work for with a salary better than she dreamed of. A more powerful relationship with her family. The relationship of her dreams with her now beloved boyfriend. Her health is great and her social life is filled with relationship with friends, fun, joy and happiness – more than she’s ever experienced in her life. After coaching Alexis, she was able to create all she desired and more. She found that communication and being accountable was the key in creating and bringing each of these areas into existence.

How did this happen: Alexis was coachable – she honored her word and developed her integrity. She became courageous and accountable. She invested in herself with money, time and her word.

It wasn’t easy but she committed to live the life she wanted and the results were extraordinary.